The krill cactus become a Thai representation based on tradition and profound history

BANGKOK: The freshly dyed tusks of the Kriangsang sand have been named as representative water animals last week. National of Thailand. Known as the Kremlin’s fish in Western Province, this beauty has gained popularity for its beauty and tail. Its lengthless. The Thai government has approved a proposal to include Kilo Siamese fish as the national wildlife by reference, the government said in a statement. Historically and traditionally. This news has made a nostalgic impression on the early generations of Thai who changed Siamese name in 1939. They remembered the time when they sold crab fish and were reminded of their childhood. “Most people in Thailand live in the area,” said Shady Shahafat, a caretaker at the Kram Sieng Gallery in Samut Prakan province. Rural villagers catch fish along the pond. ” The gallery is about 15 minutes’ walk from Bangkok by boat, crossing the Chao Phraya river, believed to be a playground habitat. These beauties. But Thailand’s waterways have changed over time, with agricultural and trade development disrupting fish breeding. “Right now, in the wetlands, it’s just a stunning fish,” he said. They’re not getting any worse yet. ”

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