Honey duck honey just heard sounds like want to eat only in Siem Reap!

Siem Reap: Both the luxury restaurant design and the high class dishes of Cambodian cuisine at these Mahob dishes attracted. Khmer and foreign tourists come to taste local food with taste and aesthetically pleasing. Located in Krang Village, Slakram Commune, Svay Chek District, Siem Reap, a restaurant is still renowned for serving a modern and luxurious Khmer food. Food is prepared in a large vegetable bowl, with spices not lost to the art of cooking kitchens. Chou Sonita, a restaurant sales manager, said: “Apart from culinary delicacies, You can also have lunch or dinner in a “food” restaurant. Khmer style restaurant combines a modern style, comfortable, comfortable for family, friends and lovers. Romantic. Interesting dishes such as broccoli with legumes and root of sugarcane, tamarind tamarind and cheese pork with vegetable honey Most ingredients are grown in the orchard of the restaurant itself. For curry with duck, duck meat has a good flavor. Add tangy with orange juice, smell, spicy fragrant, spicy fragrances, and herbs, veal, chestnut, tanned skin But delicious to eat with rice and red wine. Want to eat Khmer food? Delicious food restaurant has contact number 012

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