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Generally, amongst the traders, there is a principle of “king’s subscriber” in the sense that suppliers and products or services Must always be a big customer. We are more than satisfied that, regardless of what we produce, we must be satisfied that customers do not have to oppose customers, otherwise customers will Do not buy non-use of products or services, although sometimes the desire is not likely, but generally, the seller has to It’s been taught not to argue with the customer. Although we generally know that the consumer affects suppliers, producers and distributors of goods or services, but people Khmer is not likely to understand the impact of consumers and consumers. After the revolution in Europe in 1975, the EU, which later became the European Union, focused on providing accurate information and Enough about products or services to customers. Customers receiving enough information from the product or service before being ordered or used by the product or service are called ” Informed customer. It is not only the customer who understands this, but also the clients Anyone who knows and understands the product or service they use. The market runs well, depending on how active players are. If the customer does not have enough understanding of the product or service, and they come to buy goods or services, it can be used by the supplier Some people are happy that they understand that if the buyer does not know it, they will be able to make a lot of money. Happy to sell shit), but they do not know that such a business can not last for a long time. It’s called a street vendor or an aggressive business. Despite being able to cheat people at times and may cheat people forever, however, they can not cheat people. All of it forever. Therefore, customers need to be able to fully understand the purchasing and use of their products or services. The reason why customers are making purchases requires an understanding of the information related to the product or service Necessary. Customers always expect that they can get a good deal. No client wants any kind of fraudulent transaction. In addition to the quality of goods or services appropriate to the price (not shipped by the shippers) customers expect that product or service This purchase can be used for the price paid. Therefore, manufacturers are required to disclose some necessary information from the product or service to the customer. Every consumer has the right to: Choose any goods or services that are freely accessible to them, the right to information about the product It can be written on a packing shell. In addition, they are also required to use the language that users can easily read and understand. For example, chemical fertilizers imported for sale in Cambodia require written instructions on Khmer products in the form One that Khmer farmers can read little, read and understand. Apart from the content, the instruction should be clear in both color and size, to avoid the intention of concealing and fraudulent from a lethal manufacturer. Number. Examples of the danger of smoking cigarettes include writing large, dark colors on a cigarette’s location. Visible. This means that consumers must be aware of the health effects of using the product first Before they decide to smoke. The principle of customer awareness is to protect the customer because of a lack of understanding of which products or services consumers use will make the party Consumers lose interest. This principle requires companies that want to do business must operate their business, produce goods or services in the right way, with honesty, spelling With dignity does not fool customers, and it also promotes quality of investment. Customers understand that the ethics and responsibility will motivate producers to have ethical and responsible liabilities. . Companies must pay close attention to certain points: to ensure the quality of the products or services they supply, display From the product introduction, meeting the legal requirements for opening a business, the use of employee employees must comply with the Labor Law. The company should also be responsible for the character of its employees. The immorality, selfishness, stigma of employees is not separated from the company’s responsibilities. Personality is a matter of singularity, but in any case, personalities have shown an aggressive personality, a lack of Understanding the rights and obligations of the citizens, that individuality can no longer be disconnected from the company’s responsibilities.

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