Slopes floating in rubber plantations in Bek Lo District rarely known in Ratanakiri

Bong Long: Most remote pilgrims who visit the waterside are just around or around Banlung town. Most tourists also want to visit Yeak Loom Nature Resort and then return to downtown immediately or skip Visit ethnic villages and ethnic groups to complete their journey. There is a bushy green bamboo forest surrounded by small bushy groves surrounded by swirling airways with banana plantations and accompanying rubber plantations. On both sides, there is a playground, a shallow pool, a splash of rocks, a cool bath can be a new place. Suitable for tourists from afar, even for siblings The old town is also less known resorts swept slippery rocks. Thmor Lae Waterfall Resort is located at Sala Kak commune, Kok commune, Bokeo district, Ratanakiri province, close to 40 kilometers from Banlung, Left from the police station of Lamming commune, at the intersection to the market of Big Bear, 4 km to go through the plantations Su is a crossroad. In addition, tourists can travel over to the head office of the reservoir, which is a long way distance of more than 10 kilometers From the crossroads, the diamond is marked. Din Socheat, who lives in a large rubber plantation and a farmer, said: Here are some great holiday resorts for group entertainment, but with no promotions Not far from unknown guests, and even The locals themselves are less well-known. In the last two years, there have been some acquaintances, and they have told each other and come to play. ” While there are no tourist arrivals, there are not many tourists visiting the resort during the seaside season. Large public places are nearby and visitors are required to pack food to eat and eat. . “Din’s good-hearted friend also stated:” For the normal day, there are less visitors, as on Saturday and Sunday there are groups Some students only take 2-3 baths, only 20 or 30 students. If the holiday season, such as the Chinese New Year and the Khmer New Year, there are hundreds of visitors. ” For tourists who want to relax for a meal, he also states: “But visiting here is not There is no food stall, it is far from the village, so the guests have to bring food Is better. ”

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